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HealthySafety Qualified Category Report

Tag: heating & air conditioning in Dublin

How Companies are Rated

  • Moore Mechanical, Inc.




Dillon Gorman of Save Energy Company, a HealthSafety Qualified company, puts on goggles, a face mask, and gloves prior to entering a client’s home to install windows.
Photo © 2020 American Ratings Corporation

Only the Best Pass the Test®. This is our promise to you. To qualify, a company must pass each of these four rating steps: Learn and Test, Acquire Inventory, Train Team, and Validate Performance. Once qualified,they commit to follow HealthSafety Qualified Standards every day and participate in performance audits and customer challenges.

Why Choose a Health Safety Qualified Contractor

Why take chances on untrained or uncertified companies? Protect your health at home and out shopping by choosing HealthSafety Qualified companies. Each has passed these four rating stepsand is committed to customer and worker health safety.

1. Learn and Test.

The company’s key manager is named Chief Safety Officer and must complete the HealthSafety Qualified training. They must score over 90% on the 50-question requirements test.

2. Acquire Inventory.

They must acquire and inventory a minimum of one week’s supply of Personal Protective Equipment and safety supplies per worker. Photographic proof is required.

3. Train Team.

They train their workers to follow HealthSafety Qualified requirements and best practices.

4. Validate Performance.

They commit to HealthSafety Qualified Standards and participate in periodic audits and challenges, including customer surveys and surprise inspections.