Qualify My Company Introduction

Give Your Customers Confidence

HealthSafety Qualified gives you a big competitive advantage. 

Increase your job-to-bid rate. Refer to your HealthSafety Qualified status on the phone and in emails. Boost your website’s power with the HealthSafety Qualified shield. Add your company-branded printed brochure to each estimate. Customer confidence is at the heart of each relationship.

Qualify for HealthSafety Qualified in under an hour.

Learn the requirements in 20 minutes. Pass the test in 15 minutes and validate that you have PPE in 5 minutes. Congratulations. You gave your company a key competitive advantage.

$129 per month. All Inclusive!

Everything is included. Your company gets branded HSQ printed brochures for handout and PDF versions for emailing. Use the HSQ shield to boost the power of your website, social media and advertising. Get HSQ signs for your office and labels for your sales sheets, business cards, and letterhead.